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Worldwide, governments are increasingly looking to privatisation of public property and enterprises as a potential solution to fiscal challenges. Since the early 1980s, we have been assisting many of the world’s governments in the analysis and planning phases of privatisation. Many of these assignments have involved valuation of unique facilities and one-of-a-kind businesses. Our valuations include international airports, civil infrastructure, government-owned manufacturing facilities, environmental laboratories and transportation systems.

American Appraisal consultants are located in major financial cities throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Our global experience and local presence is an especially powerful combination when it comes to analysing government-held assets.  As diverse as these assignments can be, American Appraisal has the expertise to deliver conclusions that withstand the scrutiny of stakeholders and the test of time.

Our work

Drawing on our extensive research and evaluation team in the infrastructure arena, American Appraisal offers clients due diligence services that are focused more on their specific commercial needs. Understanding our clients intimately allows us to better highlight the pitfalls of potential deals that as well as to point out those issues that are more likely to be successful at enhancing shareholder value.

American Appraisal’s experience of performing thousands of business valuations annually enable us to assess acquisitions that address the value drivers required for any business. American Appraisal consultants, both in the UK and across our network of global offices, have skills across all industries and extensive experience of business valuation and applying business valuation and share valuation techniques including.

We have played a key role in both complex and more straightforward transactions in recent years, including a recent very large deal providing sell side advice for a major European Government that is privatising one of its assets.

American Appraisal consultants are active in:

  • the ICAEWs Corporate Finance Faculty
  • the EVCA and BVCA

We are happy to talk through your requirements and see where we might be able to help. Please feel free to contact one of our experts.